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Atoms for Peace – What the Eyeballs Did (Song Review) + Album News


It’s been quite the week in news for Thom Yorke’s side project band, Atoms for Peace. Just the other day, on Mary Anne Hobbs’ XFM radio station, the b-side to the debut single “Default” premiered. The song “What the Eyeballs Did” is what you might expect from Atoms for Peace due to Thom Yorke’s quintessential electronic beats. Unlike “Default”, “What the Eyeballs Did” is more of a full band effort from the very beginning with a bassline Mary Anne Hobbs describes as being “punishing”. Though the vocals are seemingly incomprehensible during the verses, the grooving rhythm section sonically engages and invests the listener. The lively brass section reinforces the song’s groove, feeling very reminiscent of Radiohead’s “Bloom”. Fitting in perfectly with the live arrangements of songs during the 2010 tour, “What the Eyeballs Did” is a rhythmic beast of a song that makes sitting still nearly impossible. Between this song, “Default”, and songs played during the DJ set at MoMA in September, the new Atoms for Peace album is definitely something to look forward to.

You can listen to “What the Eyeballs Did” here:

On that note Atoms for Peace is set to release their debut album titled AMOK on February 18th. The tracklisting is:

  1. Before Your Very Eyes…
  2. Default
  3. Ingenue
  4. Dropped
  5. Unless
  6. Stuck Together Pieces
  7. Judge, Jury and Executioner
  8. Reverse Running
  9. Amok


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